The Models

Mason Guntharp | The Drummer

    • Age : 17
    • Height : 6'0"
    • Size : Medium
    • Instagram : drumstrocity
    • About the dream : "my dream is to be the drummer in my band Matressi, travel all over the place playing shows, eating mcdonalds, have my band become my actual career, and have my own custom drum set."



Nick Patton | Dream Team OG

    • Age : 19
    • Height : 5'10''
    • Size : Medium
    • Instagram : kingnicky.p
    • About the dream : "My dream is to travel the world. I love art and history and would really enjoy visiting these places. I'm a nursing major at Louisiana Tech and I want to care for people while also learning new things about science and the human body. I'm super excited about DTF, and I'm always curious about where Brock will take it next."




Katie Calhoun | The Sweetheart 

  • Age : 16
  • Height : 5'1''
  • Size : Small
  • Instagram : c.alhoun
  • About the dream : Her dreams are simple... To get rich and drive a red Ferrari.




Jamie Calhoun | Owner's Fiancé

  • Age : 19
  • Height : 5'2"
  • Size : Small
  • Instagram : jamiecalhounn
  • About : The biggest support to the owner. She is the most caring girl you will ever meet and will do anything to help someone. She's a nursing major at Louisiana Tech, chasing her dreams. One of the smartest girls I've ever met and can put a smile on anyone's face. What is your Dream? "To get married and have a family with Brock"




Brock Leonard | The Owner

  • Age : 19
  • Height : 5'11"
  • Size : Medium
  • Instagram : brocklee95
  • About : A 19 year old kid that was the dreamer of the family. From Louisiana, I wanted to do the things no one thought was possible. Taking the easy way out was never for me. College is great, but owning my own clothing line has been a big dream for me and i have conquered that dream. I love helping others achieve their dreams even more than achieving my own. That is why i have such a passion to help others take the risks to DREAM!